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The federal government privatization package: New attack on health, basic health units in the sight of the private sector

By Moises Maciel
BRAZIL | A decree of the president of the republic, in Brazil, allows ‘studies’ of partnerships for the private sector to operate at the front door of the National Health System (SUS), includes the item in the federal government’s private program for investment partnership program. While the term ‘studies’ can bring tranquility to the reader, the government’s intention does not seek the same.

The analysis movement made in this field, let us call it that, from the private sector always aims at profit, where it is feasible to put money, close deal!

The logic behind privatization is not so difficult to understand, in a nutshell if the person has money to pay, uses the service, if not, does not use it. If we talk about any object of consumption, the discussion of private property is plausible, the same does not happen when talking about taking rights, selling an inalienable concept.

According to the government, the goal is to find solutions for the number of basic health units, that are unfinished or that are not in operation. However, after negative repercussions, the president granted a note to CNN Brazil and a new decree is pending that edits the term used. All of these movements spell out the objective and clear interest in privatizing, selling, profiting and segregating.

The Bolsonaro government is permeated by inconsistencies and fake news, by successive attacks on the population for their own benefit at the expense of the people. Revoking the decree, editing it, suspending or creating others does not eliminate the concrete facts, the constant attacks on health, to remedy or protect the population on any scale. While seeking to sell primary care, more and more covid deaths are counted. Amanda died. Bruna died. Mariana. João. Paulo. More and more victims of inhumane management

In conversation with the National Health Council, the agency's president reports a worrying situation and confirms “harsh attacks on our SUS”.

An image “DEFEND THE SUS” started to circulate on social networks, related to this government measure and a call for activism to defend rights.

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