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Inclusion in the WHO Guidelines Actualized

WHO Guidelines Blog

The World Health Organisation first developed the consolidated guidelines on key populations in 2014 to promote a comprehensive package for all key populations. WHO defines key populations as “groups who, due to specific higher-risk behaviours, are at increased risk of HIV ...

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Young Key Populations: The Future Is for Anyone Who Dreams of It

Speaker: Melusi Simelane

Presented at Session 6: Young Key Populations
The World We Want

International Workshop on HIV & Adolescence 2021 ...

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Desde octubre, Moises trabajó con el Ministerio de Salud en Rosario, Argentina, en una campaña masiva de rastreo de casos de COVID 19

A través de un proyecto llamado detectAR, que es un dispositivo del gobierno para rastrear casos de COVID-19, llevaron a cabo pruebas estratégicas de COVID en territorios de la provincia de Santa Fe ...

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Learning from the best

Testing HIV positive last year was a blow to my life. It didn’t seem real at first so I had to take several tests before I came to terms with the facts.

All in all I knew that things happen for a reason and that having HIV would not stop me from achieving my goals. A week after diagnosis, I started ARV treatment: it was a very chaotic time with psychological disturbances and often gloomy. ...

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Learning and implementing digital health

Being an HIV Activist, it is always amazing when we get opportunities that involve travel and socialization.

The news that I was attending the AIDS2020 was exciting and definitely something to look forward to. Even though COVID19 made it hard to travel, I was thrilled to be part of the online dialogues that were not only eye opening but were entertaining and ...

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My body is not a democracy!

You should not have a vote on what happens in my body

I am the landlord and caretaker of my body so I know what is right for my body. You are free to say what you think is good for my body but keep those opinions to yourself, don't make a decision for me, you were not there ...

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COVID-19 & Living with HIV

Unpacking questions and answers on COVID-19 and living with HIV

It was of great joy to me when I was selected to be part of the UNICEF East and Southern Africa social media campaign on COVID-19 and young people living with HIV. The questions were consolidated by the Y+ Global with support from country ...

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COVID-19 Differentiated service delivery

Have you ever heard a single word that completely changes your life?

When the AIDS 2020 CONFERENCE was announced, I had all my hopes high to be part of the conference. I was curious to board a flight for the first time in my life! ...

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Health in Brazil

The federal government privatization package: New attack on health, basic health units in the sight ...

BRAZIL | A decree of the president of the republic, in Brazil, allows ‘studies’ of partnerships for the private sector to operate at the front door of the National Health System (SUS), includes the item in the ...

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Fundación Chile Positivo

On the training program on leadership, policy development and effective communication for young people living with HIV

With the support of Y+ and the 4Youth Grant, as Chile Positivo we were able to develop a project based on a training program for young people living with HIV in Chile.

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Présentation Générale du RNJ+

Le RNJ+ est un Réseau National des Jeunes vivant avec le VIH qui a vu le jour en 2004 par l’idée ...

Le RNJ+ a commencé a bien travaillé avec l’obtention de son agrément c’est-à-dire en 2006, et là il effectué pas mal de descentes dans les provinces de l’intérieur du pays et il a beaucoup aidé dans les sensibilisations des ...


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