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We are glad to have you here! This podcast convenes the voices of young people from every corner of the world to discuss, share and debate on the different issues that affect our sexual and reproductive health and rights with a special focus on HIV. We discuss different topics such as HIV prevention, treatment, care and support, mental health, U=U, GBV, Covid-19, gender and sexuality, empowerment, policies, stigma, discrimination and many others.

You(th) care project aims to enable adolescents and youth aged 10-25 years, especially girls and other vulnerable adolescents, in Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia to advocate for and practice self-care for their SRHR needs and to increase access to (digital) self-care services and commodities. The project is implemented by 8 partners across the countries and three regional partners.

Inorder to promote visibility of the YouthWise project and amplify the agenda for self-care amongst young people Y+ Global is engaging in a series of podcasts. The title of the first podcast in the series is: Young People and Self-care: Promoting HIV Treatment Adherence.

Suicide and mental health go hand in hand even though it is reported that people who commit suicide do not show any signs of depression of mental health as they have already let it all go.

Engaging young people in leadership spaces episode focuses on:

1. Sharing knowledge on engaging young people in leadership spaces 2. Sharing ideas on how Frontline AIDS is supporting young people in leadership spaces

Engaging young people in leadership spaces episode focuses on:

1. Sharing knowledge on engaging young people in leadership spaces 2. Sharing ideas on how Frontline AIDS is supporting young people in leadership spaces

The podcast will feature two country networks; Y+ Kenya and Eswatini Network of Young People living with HIV(SNYP). The two networks will highlight the milestones within their networks as supported by Ground Up.

This podcast episode will feature the Y+ Global Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning officer who has supported more than 100 youth networks across the Y+ Global program implementation portfolio. The episode will focus on unpacking monitoring and evaluation and why they are important concepts of program management.

This episode of YOUNG-VOICES will explore mental health and the role that self-care plays in attaining mental health.

Mental health conditions increase the risk of HIV infection, and people living with HIV have an increased risk of mental health conditions, which are associated with lower retention in HIV care, increased risk behaviors, and lower engagement with HIV prevention.

In this episode, young people discuss self-care and its role in improving the lives of all young people in our diversity.

Self-care interventions play a big role in improving the access to services and commodities. In the long run, improve the quality of life and treatment outcomes for AYPLHIV and move us closer to attaining Universal Health Coverage.

We joined Elizabeth Glaser Paediatric AIDS Foundation with a mission in mind: ending the knowledge gaps that people living with HIV have regarding COVID-19. Listen to our most recent podcast and get to know the details of this project.

The ESA Commitment must be an important conversation topic for all young SRHR and HIV advocates of Africa. In this special episode after ICASA 2021, we talked about the last updates and news on the Ministerial Commitment that were announced during the conference

The launch of the new #HERVoiceFund strategy was one of the proudest things about ICASA 2021. In this special back home episode, Maximina Jokonya, the head of the HER Voice Fund, talks to us about how this new strategy is empowering adolescent girls and young women across Africa.

One of our most important events during #ICASA2021 was the announcement of the new Love Alliance Global Strategy. In this Back Home episode, Florencia Anam shares all the details about this impactful and inspiring project.

Just a few days after ICASA 2021, we want to make a special recount of what it was like to attend virtually through our #ICASACountryHubs. Listen to the main takeaways of one of our young advocates from Zimbabwe following the conference.

The AGYW advocate Fahe Kerubo joined us to speak about their participation as a young voice in the update of the "Consolidated Guidelines on HIV Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment and Care for Key Populations" of the World Health Organisation.

Take a listen to our last Young Voices podcast, in which we speak with Reule, a young queer HIV advocate from Kenya, on their advocacy journey one year after being diagnosed with HIV.

Today on Teacher's Day, we are privileged to have recorded a podcast with an incredible teacher living with HIV and a young person living with HIV who supports other YPLHIV in Schools! Through this, they are doing their part in keeping the school environments safe for learners living with HIV.

Jóvenes líderes de 3 organizaciones colaboradoras de Y+ Global comparten sus experiencias en el trabajo conjunto en la acción contra el VIH y los derechos sexuales y reproductivos en América Latina.

In this episode, we talk with two social entrepreneurs and HIV advocates about the journey of leading a social-oriented startup in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.
Listen to our podcast and discover their experience, challenges and learning during the last months.

This inaugural episode commemorates mental health month. The panellists speak about mental health issues among YPLHIV and create awareness of the neglected mental health issues.

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