Download our resources for young people living with HIV and healthcare professionals. A collection of tools and resources to help young people living with HIV advocate for their rights, and healthcare professionals to support them.
HIV Criminalisation and Young People

HIV Criminalisation and Young People

Our priorities for action

In November 2022, the Global Network of ...

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Y+ Global 2022 in review poster

2022 Highlights

The year 2022 in review

We are proud of the work that we have done in 2022. Here are some key hightlights ...

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Terminology Guide

The words we use have an impact.

When discussing or talking about HIV, certain words and language may have a negative connotation for ...

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y plus global aids 2022 virtual hub guide

Y+ Global AIDS 2022 Virtual Hub Guide

Why do we need virtual hubs?

The 24th International AIDS Conference,

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y+ global 2021 annual report

Y+ Global 2021 Annual Report

January to December 2021

Y+ Global had a year of success, development, and growth, overcoming the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic ...

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Outcome Statement

Pre-AIDS 2022 East and Southern Africa Regional Youth Consultation

The Global Network of Young People Living with HIV (Y+ Global), Frontline AIDS and UNDP ...

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We Matter, Value Us.

A guideline for organisations on the meaningful and ethical engagement of young people living with HIV in the HIV response

The Global Network of Young People Living with HIV (Y+ Global) is...

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Flourish Toolkit

A Toolbox for Girls and Young Women Leaders on the Frontlines of Gender Justice in Health

This toolbox was compiled by a partnership involving Positive Young Women...

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What will it take to achieve the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women living with HIV?

Women‘s Health

Keren Dunaway, Sophie Brion, Fiona Hale, Jacquelyne Alesi, Happy Assan, Cecilia Chung ...

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Case study on voices of YKP/YPLHIV for COVID-19 response mechanism in Burundi

Reseau National des Jeunes vivant avec le vih/sida - RNJ+

In Burundi, as in other countries around the world, young people represent ...

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Efectos-de-la-pandemia-del-COVID19-sobre-las-vidas-de-jovenes-viviendo-con-VIH-en-Latinoamerica (1).pdf

Fundación Chile Positivo

La pandemia del COVID-19 ha tenido un fuerte impacto en las vidas de las personas. Por una parte, ha generado que los ...

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We choose life, We choose love

Stories of people living with HIV

This book brings together a collection of six stories and visuals by people living with HIV from around the world. The stories are real. As the global networks of people living with HIV, we know that these stories arenot unique. ...

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Positive learning:

how the education sector can meet the needs of learners living with HIV

The recommendations in this briefing document build on the original Positive Learning publication developed in 2011 by UNESCO and the Global Network of People ...

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READY to advocate

A guide for young people living with HIV

This booklet is for young people living with HIV who want to be involved in advocacy, and includes ways to get involved, top tips, and some words of inspiration.

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UNICEF’s HIV Programming in the Context of COVID-19: Building back better for children, adolescents

Compendium of innovative approaches in Eastern and Southern Africa, Volume II

Recognizing the persistent and harmful impact that COVID-19 ...

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Lighthouse Social Enterprise and Lighthouse Community Clinic

CBPR study on Young Key Population in Viet Nam.

This study was funded by Aidsfonds and Mpact through the Young, Wild and Free program to understand what influences ...

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WHO Service Delivery Recommendations

Updated recommendations on service delivery for the treatment and care of people living with HIV

WHO gratefully acknowledges the contributions of many individuals and organizations in ...

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Maximising Youth-Led & Youth-Serving

Civil-Society Participation in the IAS 2019 COVID-19 Prevention Conference 2nd February 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic represents an unprecedented global emergency that has ...

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The 2021 High Level Meeting on HIV & AIDS:

Advocacy Toolkit for Young People

The HLM Youth Guide has been developed by The PACT and UNAIDS to provide young people with information and guidance on what is and how to engage in the High-Level Meeting on HIV & AIDS ...

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Young, Wild and Free implementation guide

What is Young, Wild, & Free?

Due to the fact that young key populations are a often criminalized populations and working with them seems more of a recruiting exercise, a lot of organizations shy away from working with them. We work ...

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HIV treatment and care for adolescents

WHO launches 2021 guidelines with PSS 'strongly recommended'

Every few years the World Health Organization (WHO) brings together experts from across the globe to look at the latest evidence and then make recommendations ...

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Teenergizer team achievements

How a teenager can talk to a teenager about sex education?

We are very pleased to present a new guide to how a teenager can talk to a teenager about sexual education? based on UNESCO ...

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COVID-19 People's Vaccine

Why the HIV Community can make a difference

For many years the prohibitive prices of HIV medicines meant only the world’s wealthiest countries and people could afford them. While in the global north effective treatment was widely ...

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COVID - 19 & HIV

Questions and Answers for Adolescents living with HIV in time of COVID-19

The questions are directly from A&YPLHIV and were the most common questions submitted through social media. They focus on key concerns specific to A&YPLHIV about COVID-19

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COVID - 19: Keeping YP Healthy

Practical guides

Practical guides for adolescents and young people, parents and caregivers, healthcare providers and implementing partners to keep young people healthy during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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READY to care

Improving health services for young people living with HIV

This booklet is for healthcare providers who want to learn how they can help young people living with HIV feel more comfortable and supported in health services.

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